Frequently Asked Questions

Are the straps on your watches interchangeable?

Yes. All current Aldrich Czar watches feature a unique interchangeable strap system where you can take off watch bands and switch them easily without any tools! You can also attach aftermarket bands if you feel the need to as well. With this system your watch will be a perfect fit for every occasion.

Our straps are sized at 20mm in width.

I have the mesh band, how do I adjust the size to fit my wrist?

Sure thing, easy! Although these watch straps operate a little differently from traditional leather or metal strap watches, you can easily adjust your mesh watch strap using a tiny flathead screwdriver by inserting and lifting up the clasp. Adjust the placement of the sliding clasp on the lower portion of the mesh band to fit the mesh strap comfortably around your wrist. Then press the clasp back down onto the mesh strap. The process really is that simple as shown in the diagram below.